Developed RE:Design.
Development is equipped with necessary software for design and development of products. Design is made in “C – DESIGN” company software that enables designing of models, collections, production manuals and everything to equipping the retail outlet.
Technical preparation
Technical preparation is equipped with “Opti Tex” company CAD system on which basic construction, grading and creation of tailoring pictures is performed, after which we have the possibility of printing all tailoring parts and tailoring pictures to the plotter that is 200cm wide.
Apart from CAD system, technical preparation is equipped with machines for making the first sample. Creation of technological documentation is software supported (automated) so that the ítems, operating lists, integral elements, requisitions, receipts, production orders, accompanying production orders and production plans are made and tracked by the aid of software.
Cutting room
The process of tailoring includes the following operations: unwinding – relaxation of materials, material imposition, transmission of tailoring pictures, tailoring (rough and fine) and completion of bundles. Unwinding is performed on a special machine in order to relax the material and decrease the possibility of material shrinking during the imposition of the material.
Imposition is performed on semi – automatic machines. After the imposition rough tailoring is carried out by a machine with vertical cutter, which is then followed by fine tailoring on a machine with circular cutter. Along with manual tailoring we posses a machine for automatic laser tailoring, which enables precise and fast tailoring of all types of materials up to the width of 160 centimetres.
Apart from the stated characteristics one of the features of laser tailoring is that it can cut or draw desired details in the tailoring part.
Completion is performed in bundles by virtue of production order. With each bundle an accompanying production order is applied in which all data related to that item are described.
Within the cutting room we have two installed machines for designing the materials, which have the possibility of shaping all types of material (elastic and non – elastic).
Sewing room
Complete production equipment is from the production program of a well – known Japanese manufacturer JUKI. All machines are equipped with additional devices and appliances for achieving large productivity in functioning and reliability in quality.
Machines have the possibility of automatic positioning of the pad, cutting the thread, automatic fastening of the start and the end of the stitch, regulation of the stitch length in more detached beginnings and so on. Devices and appliances which control the strain of the elastic ribbon are used at sewing, which enables uniform sewing of elastic ribbon to the material.
Machine park is continuosuly renewed by last generation machines, which provides higher quality and work productivity.

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