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Contact Retail outlets

Wholesales is carried out in the rooms of the company “Exclusive Lingerie” where the production itself is located.
Potential buyers have the possibility of overview of the whole collection, prices and information on the delivery deadlines.
All of the merchandise if delivered to the buyer without additional charges on the territory of whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia.
Retail network spreads in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia, so that in you can buy our products in all bigger cities.
You will easily recognize the brand “Exclusive Lingerie” in a retail outlet, since the ítems are exposed on hanging stands and sorted by recognizable identity of the collections Cotton line, Micro line and Swimwear line.


Put Srpskih branilaca 186
78000 Banja Luka, BiH

T. +387 51 385 500
F. +387 51 385 400